This past Sunday was a whole congregation service centered on the UU United Nations Office, the work that the office does and the experiences of Ally (teen) and Kate (adult chaperone) at the past Spring Symposium.  You can check out this year’s Symposium here.  Rev. Rachael reflected on the work that the UUA has done, but also the work that remains to be done.  We were encouraged to take some deep breaths because, yes, there is a lot of work we still have to do.

During the TIME FOR ALL AGES Kate Rice read Intersection Allies: We Make Room for All by C. Johnson, L Council, and C. Choi.  I highly recommend this picture book for families interested in talking about how to be good allies. 

Building bridges between our divisions, I 

Reach out to you, will you reach out to me? With

All of our voices and all of our visions,

Friends, we could make such sweet harmony

During the service children had the opportunity to color in a visual Order of Service which had drawings that related to the different sections of the service, including the Gender Unicorn.  The worksheet shown below was included in the regular orders of service.

Image result for gender unicorn transstudent.org

OWL Programming Finishes with Big Celebrations!

The K-2 and 4-6 OWL groups finished their programming with two very different celebrations, but with equal enthusiasm and joy.  The K-2 group celebrated everyone’s birth with cupcakes and cookies.  And 4-6 wrote recipes for healthy relationships.  Check out the photos below.  Thank you to all of the families for attending each Sunday – regular attendance is key to the OWL program.  With OWL finished we will start up our regular Sunday routine – upstairs to start!  Happy Spring!




Our Whole Lives and Old Fashioned Fun

This past Sunday was a busy day at in the RE UUSA!

 First we had our Parent OWL meetings.   I am excited to announce that we will are holding OWL programs for K-2 and 4-6th graders.  OWL is a unique program that invites age appropriate discussions of sexuality within the context of Justice and Equity, Self Worth, Sexual Health, and Responsibility.  The UU OWL activities dovetail with our seven Unitarian Universalist principles. You can read more about the curriculum here: https://www.uua.org/re/owl

Alyson Bull and Susan Wells will be leading the newly revised 4-6 curriculum (10 sessions)  and Lauren Croce and Tom Fricke will be facilitating K-2 (six sessions). It is very important that parents and children commit to being at almost every session.

Community is very important to many UUs and in order to help foster the sense of a close community it helps to introduce the children to members of the congregation who don’t often come downstairs.

In the RE space we had a long time congregant Carol Rothery come to talk to us about how she used to enjoy radio programs after school and reading stories before bed.  Many of the children had heard or seen movies of Carol’s favorite stories.  Carol read the Emperor’s New Clothes and the children could choose between acting out the story or putting on a puppet show based on the story.  Carol and I provided very little guidance and the children pulled off two productions in record time.       A good time was had by all.


Our Whole Lives – Spring Offerings



 The Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst will offer K-1 and 4-6 Grade OWL: Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education this spring. OWL offers step-by-step, age-appropriate, interactive lessons for children and youth facilitated by trained adults.

Why is sexuality education important?  Honest, accurate information about sexuality changes lives. It dismantles stereotypes and assumptions, builds self-acceptance and self-esteem, fosters healthy relationships, improves decision making, and has the potential to save lives.

K-1 OWL: This 8-session program offers information for children about birth, babies, bodies and families. The program offers support for parents as the primary sexuality educator for their children.

4-6 OWL: Offers an 8-session program for learning about and discussing the physical and emotional changes of puberty. Participants will read It’s Perfectly Normal  by Robie H. Harris, and examine topics such as values and sexuality, communication and decision making. Each session includes a Home Link -a homework activity for parents and children to complete together.

Dates will be coordinated once parents indicate their interest (probably in March and April).  Registration will be open until at least six slots are filled for each group. Please consider making a donation of $150-$300 per family for participation. For more information, please contact Rebecca Fricke (rebfricke@gmail.com or 413-687-8722).

Program sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Society of Amherst.