Memorial Day – Block Monuments

This past Sunday our amazing Preschool Teacher Jacy set up stations for the children to move between.  One of the favorites was the block monument construction zone and the other was snack!  Check out the monuments that included gems and candles.  The watermelon was a sign of summer to come.  The children did a beautiful job of working together and respecting each other’s space and ideas.

Thank you all.

Memories and Swinging

images.jpgThis past Sunday the children walked to War Memorial Park to share memories of the year, memories of those people and pets who have died and also to have fun together.  Thank you to the chaperones who accompanied the children and I just want to say how amazing our Preschool Teacher – Jacy is as a teacher, friend and leader!




Memories and Memorials

During the whole congregation time Rev. Wohler and I read the book Peace is an Offering, by Annette LeBox.


Downstairs, the children recognized Memorial Day by talking about how people who serve in the military and fight wars should be honored and remembered.  We also talked about how we can learn about war and remember those who fought and then use what we learn to work for peace.  Following the conversation the children had a choice (although most managed to do both of the activities) between coloring in a peace dove and building a memorial for a person or pet out of blocks.  Memorials were built for George Washington, dogs and cats and grandparents.  Look for the peace doves on the bulletin board.