Mindfulness of Emotions

When you wake up in the morning, what do you think of?  Are you grateful?  Annoyed?  Happy?  Sad?  Grumpy?  Silly?  Then during the day what happens to that emotion as you go about your business?  You probably start to feel more and more different emotions.  Two Sundays (yes, I am behind) ago we had our first Mindfulness lesson with Lesley and she led us through this wonderful demonstration.

  1. Each child got to say a kind of feeling they have when they wake up, they chose a glitter to represent that feeling and they put some of the glitter in a vase of water.   The vase represented our minds.
  2. When everyone had named an emotion, we each got to take a turn naming an emotion that we feel during the day and while we named the emotion we stirred the glitter.   The stirring represented all the things we do during the day.   As we passed the spoon around the glitter (emotions) swirled around the water.  We are all very busy!
  3. Then we put down the spoon and we all took some deep breathes and noticed that when we did, the glitter emotions began to slow down and come back to the top of the water.

So, take some deep breaths in order to see how you are feeling!  Don’t let your hectic day make you feel all mixed up inside.


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