Backpack Charms and Coming of Age

The Thursday before this past Sunday, youth, children, parents, Rev. Rachael and I made over one hundred backpack charms using twine and beads of all kinds.  Then this past Sunday we had a whole congregation service that involved Reverend Rachael blessing everyone’s backpacks, totes, purses, gym bags, knitting bags – things we all carry with us out into the world.  During our time for all ages Rev. Rachael asked what a blessing was and without too much prompting a few children announced their ideas.  The charms were passed out and then Rev. Rachael asked us to close our eyes (or not) and send our good thoughts (prayers) to our handy objects.

Here is a blog I found written by a UU about how people can think of the word “blessing” in a non-secular way:

The second major event of the Sunday was when the Coming of Age youth came up with their parents and their childhood objects.  Jenn Chylack, Rev. Rachael and I led a short ceremony during which the youth handed over their beloved object for their parents to keep safe for a year while the youth are on a journey of discovery.   There were more than a few moist eyes in the room.

Be well.


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