Sometime the Top Doesn’t have the Best View


This past Sunday some of the Sanctuary Keepers, their families and I went to the top of Mt. Orient in Pelham.  When we got to the good view a few kids realized that we were not at the top and I even though I told them the top did not really feel like a top, I agreed to take them while the others settled in for lunch.  Another 100 feet on the two explorers agreed that the top was “just trees” and we could go back.

Sometimes when you get to the top of something you realize that the “best” spot or moment was actually found on the way up…

Have a wonderful summer everyone!


Flowers and More Flowers!

This past Sunday we held our annual flower communion and the sanctuary was filled with the scent of summer and the colors of fellowship and hope.  The children participated in helping to bring the flowers into the sanctuary and then helped to distribute them later on in the service.

Rev. Steve spoke about the origins of Flower Communion which the UU summarizes here.

We also took the time to recognize our graduated high school senior, Anna, who is heading off into the world and our two preschoolers who are graduating to the elementary RE program.

Thank you to all who have helped to make our RE year special.  This summer we will provide Child Care during our services except the last Sunday of the months of June, July and August.




Memorial Day Walk to the Park

The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend we took a walk to the nearby public park to enjoy the sunshine.  Yes, the slides were too hot, but the swings were fun, the fairy house was simple to construct with a lot of helping hands and several children played gaga using the shade of a tree as the boundary.  We ate our snack of watermelon, blueberries, strawberries and cookies and then it was time to go back to church.