Christmas Pageant and Happy New Year!

On Sunday, December 16th we had a parent led Christmas Pageant during our regular worship time.  The Pageant was complete with angels, sheep, baby doll Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the three Wise Men.  The Christmas story was narrated by Rev. Steve and myself and the young actors were shepherded through the play by middle and high school youth.

Thank you to Ashley for making it happen, thank you to all who sewed the costumes a few years ago (they held up really well!) and to Brenda and Rev. Steve for going with the flow.

I wish you all a very happy holiday season and… Happy New Year! 

Mindfulness – Flame Gazing

This Sunday morning during the time for all ages Rev. Steve read Bagels From Benny which is a sweet story about a little boy who thinks he is thanking God by giving God bagels, but discovers that he is in fact feeding a homeless man.  Benny’s grandfather helps Benny see that by helping to make the world a kinder place he is in fact thanking God.  Rev. Steve connected the book to the UUSA Wednesday morning breakfast and urged families to come help during the holidays.

After the upstairs portion of the service the children had a mindfulness session with Lesley that was focused on a candle flame.  We are now half way through the year and the children are now much calmer and more focused in their mindfulness practice.  And they are so thoughtful when it comes to describing their experiences!  We gazed at the candle in the light and then with the lights off.

Following the quiet reflection time we talked about how this mindfulness practice connects with our UU Principles and then we just about had enough time to make lumenarie out of shiny red holiday paper.  The paper was hard to hole punch through, but the children persevered and each went home with a small electric candle.