Being Thankful Together

On Sunday, November the 18th, we held a whole congregational worship centered on being thankful.  Thank you to all the families who came and to the children who participated and to the Wells family for lighting the chalice and reading the chalice lighting words.


For the Story for All Ages I read a wonderful book by Jake Swamp called Giving Thanks.


Mindful Thankfulness and Shifting our Perspectives to Feel Better

This past Sunday Leslie came to share a mindfulness practice.   Most of our children have been practicing with Leslie for several years and they are now able to sit and listen with great attention and not only that, they have an incredible emotional awareness.


This Sunday we did two activities.  The first was to think of a person, place, pet or thing that we are thankful for.  We then walked between two lines (about 12 feet apart) and with each step we thought of our thankfulness for that person, place, pet or thing.  The children walked between the lines slowly and purposefully about three times.

Leslie called the next activity “Ice, Ice, Baby” and was centered around the feelings associated with thinking about and then holding an ice cube.  After imagining holding an ice cube those who wanted to could share how they felt – annoyed, scared, excited.  Then we each took a cube of ice and held it without talking.  Leslie talked quietly, guiding us through a series of questions.  She asked us to hold the ice cube in different ways – with our fingers, in our palms, on the back of our hands.  When we put what was left back in the ice bowls we talked about how we felt at first and then how our feelings changed as we continued to hold the cubes.  The kids realized that they were coping with the cold and wet in different ways.  Leslie finished the activity by talking with us about how we can purposefully change our perspectives and the children identified how they felt at the beginning and at the end of the exercise.

We ended with Leslie teaching us a sweet song in Arabic and Hebrew.

Have a good week!

Candidates With Principles

What if our elected officials used our UU Principles to run for office?  Two Sundays ago I asked the children to bring a doll or a stuffed animal in and pretend that they are running for office.  I asked them to pick a principle or two to turn into campaign slogans.  They also had the opportunity to write a campaign speech and to pass out buttons and make signs.  This was the second time I organized this activity and I can tell you it helps the kids learn the principles and they have fun!