Improv Puppetry and the 7 UU Principles


This past Sunday Rev. Steve read Nana Upstairs Nana Downstairs by Tomi dePaola – a beautiful and moving book for children about death.  We continued the discussion of death downstairs.  Children shared their own stories and experiences.  We talked about what we believe happens when people die and then the big connect…  what UU’s believe.  As many of you know, the UU faith does not tell people what to believe on this topic, and instead people must search for what they believe to be true.  Which led to the question, “Do UUs think it’s OK to believe anything?”  NO!  And we have our Seven Principles to guide us!

To help us remember the Seven Principles we sang the Seven Principle Song and then we managed to divide up, create puppets and short skits to act our our principles all in about 25 minutes and just in time for parents to see the results!

Here is a link to one version of the song and below is our version sung to Do Re Mi.




Mindfulness- learning to live with mistakes and unknowns

This week children practiced paying attention to the present moment using a couple of simple tools for calming and focusing. We discussed ways that we can pause and reset our thoughts in response to a mistake or a disappointment. We will followed up with a painting and drawing activity that uses the idea of re framing and resetting as a creative inspiration.  Many Thanks to Lesley for joining us.


Step one – mindfulness using a very full glass of water.  Believe it or not, the glass made it around our circle with all of our eyes closed and very little spillage!





Step two – what happens when you can only draw one part of a drawing and you have no control over the rest.  Wonderful surprises!



Step three – what happens when you use salt on your water colors?  More wonderful and unplanned beauty.





Chalices of Many Kinds

This past Sunday we reviewed the vocabulary we learned during the construction of our shoe box sanctuaries and we talked about the UU chalice.

The worship leaders for Sunday were two amazing special guests Reggie Harris and Greg Greenway who use music and song to present their stories in a program they call – Deeper Than Skin.  During the Story for All Ages Reggie talked about singing This Little Light of Mine from the time he was little to help him deal with waking up in the morning.  We helped him sing it through a couple of times.

Since our upstairs time was longer than usual I skipped reading the book I planned to use, and instead we made our bodies into chalices!


From there we drew our own chalices using crayons and water color paint.


And with the help of my volunteer, we got everything up on our bulletin board for this colorful presentation.


Since the upstairs worship went over, I told the children to open the games closet and find something to play together.  While they were busy with that I fired up the popcorn maker for a quick snack.  I can tell you this, in the process of deciding which set of Uno rules to follow, they did a lot of UUing all by themselves!





Sanctuary Activity Finale


This past Sunday we learned a new word – chancel – the “stage” where the choir, minister and musician sit.  We were fortunate enough to learn this term from Rev. Steve who spent the morning with us.  Thank you Rev. Steve.

Since not everyone got to finish their sanctuaries and it is time for us to move on to other topics, the children took their boxes home and hopefully a few will return fully renovated.

The UUSA, thanks to Brenda (our Music Director) and Maura (a parent), is encouraging children to be part of the choir officially once per month during out multi-generational services.  Maura will be leading the children’s choir practice after RE on most Sundays.  This is very informal and children are encouraged to come when they can.  You can hear the music here:  The children and the choir will only be singing the first verse:

Hymn 78 in Singing the Living Tradition; words by Mark Belletini; musical arrangement by Grace Lewis McLauren.

Summertime has turned the starwheel, autumn is upon us.

Sweet the angling sun, sweet upon the air the smell of blue mist rising.

Summertime has turned the starwheel, autumn is upon us.

Glorious the trees, glorious the sight of rust leaves falling, falling.

Summertime has turned the starwheel, autumn is upon us.