Mindful of Interconnections

This week Lesley Smith led the children in a mindfulness activity which brought their attention to the interconnections between people and all living things – several of our principles address the importance of our connections! We played a game with yarn that demonstrated interdependence and in the process we created a yarn web. Lesley then introduced a contemplative practice that focused on connection.  

You know the song, Magic Penny? For our final activity we drew positive symbols on dot stickers which we then stuck to pennies, with the intention of passing the messages of hearts, smiley faces and peace signs on to people we know and leaving them around for people we don’t know to find.  
Preschool was downstairs with Augusta and a parent volunteer.  Preschoolers continued their exploration of African culture, African American heritage and how both enrich the culture in the United States.  The activity of the day was making a fruit salad using fruits that are grown on the African continent. 

One thought on “Mindful of Interconnections

  1. Jacy Armenti March 2, 2018 / 6:34 pm

    The Magic Penny is one of my favorite songs! This sounds like such a great activity to connect mindfulness awareness to the seven principles.


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