Mindful of Interconnections

This week Lesley Smith led the children in a mindfulness activity which brought their attention to the interconnections between people and all living things – several of our principles address the importance of our connections! We played a game with yarn that demonstrated interdependence and in the process we created a yarn web. Lesley then introduced a contemplative practice that focused on connection.  

You know the song, Magic Penny? For our final activity we drew positive symbols on dot stickers which we then stuck to pennies, with the intention of passing the messages of hearts, smiley faces and peace signs on to people we know and leaving them around for people we don’t know to find.  
Preschool was downstairs with Augusta and a parent volunteer.  Preschoolers continued their exploration of African culture, African American heritage and how both enrich the culture in the United States.  The activity of the day was making a fruit salad using fruits that are grown on the African continent. 

RE Song Circle for Black History Month

This past Sunday the children had a great time with special guest and RE mother Maura.  Maura brought her guitar and a series of songs to help us celebrate Black History Month.  To go with the theme of freedom and celebration of black achievement we read the book  Our Children Can Soar which is a wonderful book about famous, strong, smart, creative African Americans who have helped to pave the way for future generations.

Break Out Worship – Love is…!

This past Sunday we had our annual break out service and once again we showed that worship can be “done” in many ways.  People of all ages came together around the theme of love.  At the end of the service we came back together and one person from each group gave a short summary of their break out group’s work.  The music group sang two songs “Dear World” and “I’m in Love with A Big Blue Frog.”  Many thanks to our two elementary age ukulele players who accompanied the choir!

Worship through Music – Brenda Miller & Alyson Miller – (Sanctuary)

Is it any wonder that nearly all of the music ever composed is about, or inspired by, LOVE?  Love and music are universal languages.  Whether sung or instrumental, music carries with it the often unspoken emotions of the composer and the interpreter. Led by some of our very youngest, we will learn a song called “Dear World” and hopefully a second song which speaks of love across the color spectrum – a humorous song with a social message.  Come, let us sing!  Prior experience not necessary!


Worship through Service – Rebecca Fricke & Adrian (Craig’s Doors) – (Conference Room)

Giving of our time and resources is a large part of who we are as UUs.  This morning we will be sorting our hygiene donations for clients of Craig’s Doors as well as talking about how we can be part of the change.  In learning about the needs of our community we grow intellectually and in acting on our principles we grow spiritually.


Worship through Art – Susan Rice – (Classrooms A and B)

Our First Principle: The inherent worth and dignity of every person will be our starting point for today’s activities. Taking care of each other requires patience, love and hard work.  During this session we will be making Valentine Cards for the guests at Craig’s Doors.


Worship through Conversation – Cindy Frado & Jade Lovett – (Willie Eaton Social Hall) 

There are many different kinds of love, but each of them requires a certain amount of attentiveness and proper care if they are to blossom into something of lasting beauty and endurance.  Today in worshipful conversation, we will explore and lift-up the many facets of love.


We are all connected in wonder

This past Sunday we made rain sticks using the plans laid out in the Tapestry of Faith curriculum called Love Will Guide Us.  When our instruments were constructed I told the story provided called We Got Here Together.  After each line in the story the children made the rain sound.  The basic premise is that we are part of nature and nature is all connected AND this is truly something magnificent.  As UUs we spend a lot of time thinking about how we are all connected (7th principle) and this sense of wonder also is part of our first source which is explained like this: Direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life.  

The children and I talked about how science explains things around us, but we still wonder about a lot of things in our life.  We took turns talking about the things we wonder about.  Several children wonder if we are all dreaming that we are awake.  Interesting…  UUs do not have a doctrine that tells us how the world began and why.  It is up to each one of us to decide what we believe.

rain sticks